New Stucco and Garden

The Lower Moreland Township contracted to have the exterior stucco on the Library replaced this summer and the work is almost finished!  We are contemplating a new accent color for the architectural features and trim, but are excited with the fresh, new grey-green stucco color.  We are equally excited that the windows now have flashing, so we shouldn’t see wet carpet during the next big rain storm and we are much more air-tight than before!

Girl Scout Troop 754 and leader Nancy Deibert volunteered to create new gardens in front of the Library for their Bronze Award!  Earlier this spring, the troop visited the Library to do research on plants that would tolerate both the shade and the walnut tree in this area.  The Stucco work postponed the project, but things are moving ahead again with help from the Township, who removed grass and brought in some new dirt.

We are honored to have the Girl Scouts select us for their community service project and look forward to seeing the garden they design and plant.


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