August Friday Adult Movie Matinees @ 2 pm

  • August 1:  The Grand Budapest Hotel – This movie recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and a lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.
  • August 8:  Heaven is For Real – A true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary.
  • August 15: Joe – A gripping mix of friendship, violence and redemption erupts in the contemporary South.  Starring Nicolas Cage, Joe Ransom and Tye Sheridan.  A hard-living, hot-tempered, ex-con Joe Ransom, who is just trying to dodge his instincts for trouble – until he meets a hard-luck kid, who awakens in him a fierce and tender-hearted protector.
  • August 22:  Repentance – Years after a drunken car crash that almost took his life, Tommy Carter has reinvented himself as a therapist/spiritual advisor who advocates a synthesis of world religions and positivity.
  • August 29: Last Vegas
  • Movies Free and Open to the Public.



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