Friends Silent Auction

Friends Silent Book AuctionSilentAuction

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Look at the books on display and select those you want to bid on.
  2. Check the chart to find the highest current bid.
  3. If you want to raise the bid (by at least $.25), complete the chart.
  4. Fill out one slip per bid with your name, phone number, item number and bid. Put it in the box (to protect your personal information).
  5. Bids must be greater than or equal to the minimum bid listed for each book.
  6. Each group of books will be open for bids for one (1) month.  If you will, you will be contacted.  Then just come in to pay for and pick up your book at the Circulation Desk.  Let staff know you’re picking up a Silent Auction book…or by habit, we will go looking on the Holds Shelf! 🙂
  7. Every month a new selection of books is displayed for bidding.

It was reported in today’s Friends Meeting that the auction made about $55 last month.  Proceeds go to the Friends, who in turn fund programs, collections and events at the Library.


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