Celebrating Chinese New Year

As people celebrate Chinese New Year, here in the library we have many resources available to help you learn about and celebrate Chinese culture. Our collections range from children’s books about the festivities of Chinese New Year, to non-fiction travel guides that will give you tips and tricks to travel in China. You can read books about Chinese art, create tasty new culinary creations with the aid of one of our cookbooks, or enjoy some wonderful fiction by one of the many talented Chinese or Chinese-American authors, or writers who have been inspired by the rich tapestry of Chinese culture whose work help to make up our collection.

In recent months, I have been on a bit of a Chinese-fiction kick. I have been a lifelong fan of Amy Tan, and to this day One Hundred Secret Senses ranks on my top ten list. Recently, I started reading the works of Lisa See, and her fiction is truly art. Having just finished the hauntingly beautiful Peony in Love, I reccommend this title to anyone who is interested in romance, historical fiction, women’s history or stories of the supernatural. It’s immaculately well-researched, and does an unbelievable job of blending many different genres into a truly unique story.  Please note, however, that this is not a story for younger readers.

2012 marks the Year of the Dragon. To learn a little about Chinese astrology, here’s an interesting website: http://www.chinesezodiac.com/dragon.php


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