Write and Illustrate Your Own Book Reception

Consider joining us tonight at the Huntingdon Valley Library as we celebrate the accomplishments of some talented young members of the Huntingdon Valley Library community! This evening at 6:30 in the community room on the library’s top level, there will be a reception in honor of the winners of the annual Write and Illustrate Your Own Book contest. We were amazed at the number of entries we received from the school-aged children of our community. Lower Moreland is certainly not lacking for talent! It’s wonderful to see so many of you who use our library care about reading so much that you were willing to share your own original work with us! Those selected as winners will have a copy of their story bound, and added to the collection here in the Huntingdon Valley Library. This is a great accomplishment, and we are eager to celebrate here at the library tonight.

This reception is open to all members of the community. Come help us applaud these boys and girls who worked so hard to create their very own works of literature! As the new director of this library, I know I am eager to meet our young authors and illustrators, as well as any other members of our community who would like to join in supporting their accomplishments. Hope you can come!


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