Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Huntingdon Valley Library. The Library will be closing today, Wednesday November 23, at 5:00, and we will be closed for the holiday tomorrow, November 24. We hope you enjoy your celebrations!

If you just cannot wait for the library to reopen on Friday, here’s a little Thanksgiving trivia to help you pass the time.

Which president made Thanksgiving the national holiday it is today?
The answer to this is a little tricky. In 1789, George Washington declared a national Thanksgiving holiday at the request of Congress. This was marked on a Tuesday, November 26 and it was in thanksgiving for the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps in the spirit of this, you might want to visit the Constitution Center this long holiday weekend!

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln created the model for the modern holiday we all know and overindulge on, declaring the final Thursday of November be the day of national celebration.

In 1939, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a little bit of a scheduling problem. He declared November 23, 1939 to be Thanksgiving. That was NOT the final Thursday of the month and caused quite a stir around the country. It was not until two years later that FDR admitted his mistake and signed a bill into law that OFFICIALLY created the holiday we all know and love.

For you history fans out there, here’s a delicious article from the Abington Patch on November 20: http://abington.patch.com/articles/recipes-for-thanksgiving-from-city-tavern

Gobble up!


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