Welcome to Huntingdon Valley 2.0!

For more than a decade now, if the library holds a place of honor in your life, then you have most likely heard some of the talk of how libraries are changing. It’s true – on an ongoing basis, libraries are constantly shifting, evolving, finding new ways of delivering services (or reviving the old ways when the technology acts up). Throughout all these changes, the Huntingdon Valley Library has remained, along with its mission to serve the Lower Moreland community. We have remained – but we have not remained the same. I say “we”, in reference to myself as a member of the staff, but case in point, I am one of the ways in which the library has changed. It’s my fifth week here!

This blog is a new experiment – a brand new way to communicate with our library patrons about the things that are happening here, and in libraries across America. I’m hoping to use this as a forum to publicize upcoming events, provide some reading list suggestions, and give our users the latest news on what is happening here in the Huntingdon Valley Library. Please, follow us, leave feedback and make the most of what we have to offer. This is YOUR library, and we want to do all we can to make it the very best it can be.


One thought on “Welcome to Huntingdon Valley 2.0!”

  1. This is a wonderful communication tool for all our patrons to share what they want in the library. A library is to serve the community and you concerns and ideas for our programs is what makes our library great!

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